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Rural property work has always been something we have been involved in here. In the period before and after the Second World War, Mr Brooks went to the Mart at Saughton once a week, and met his many Farming clients to save them coming into the City centre.

Since the original firm was established, by Mr. Fraser and Mr Brooks, we at this address, have acted for many owners and occupiers of rural property, and continue to do so. We strive to consider the totality of your affairs and to assist you in determining and pursuing your long-term objectives.

We will be happy to act for you in relation to your rural property requirements, whether you are a long term owner seeking to expand your estate or a new buyer venturing into rural property ownership for the first time.

Buying a rural property is likely to have a significant impact on certain aspects of your life, not least your finances. Combine this with the ever-expanding volume of law regulating the ownership and management of land, together with the increasing complexity of regulations relating to environmental matters and agricultural subsidies, and the whole process can seem hugely daunting. We recognise this and have developed expertise in relation to both the property aspects of acquisition and management of rural land and the tax and financial aspects of these operations.

We will happily liaise with your Land Agents, accountants and other professional advisers to ensure your wishes are carried out tin the most efficient manner possible.

If you are seeking to dispose of a rural property, we will again be happy to assist you. Again, we will happily consult with accountants and other advisers with a view to ensuring this.

Whether you are a landowner, farmer or conservationist, or using land for sporting activities, renewable energy schemes or other purposes, we will draw on our experience in rural property law to provide you with advice.

We also advise on landlord and tenant law; land use and development; and land diversification such as wind farms, forestry, and environmental issues. In addition, we can handle security work required in connection with the financing of a purchase and on the issue of succession to property.


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