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Home Report

What is a Home Report

Home Reports were been introduced in by the Scottish Government to provide buyers and sellers with better information about the condition and value of properties in Scotland.
The Home Report has three parts:

The Single Survey

Carried out by a surveyor, providing an assessment of the value and condition of the home. This is intended to assist buyers in making an informed decision before making an initial offer to purchase.

The Energy Efficiency Report

Carried out by a surveyor, and it provides each home with a rating for energy efficiency and environmental impact in terms of carbon emissions. The report will also recommend energy efficiency mechanisms and ways to save on fuel costs.

The Property Questionnaire

Completed by the seller and contains information for buyers, solicitors and surveyors. It will include information about: Council tax band, Parking facilities, Factoring arrangements, local authority notices that may affect the property and Details of alterations that have been made to the property

How can buyers receive a copy Home Report?

A prospective buyer should ask whoever is advertising the house for sale for a copy Home Report. This is usually an estate agent/solicitor, but could be another business or individual. If the seller isn’t using an estate agent/solicitor, the buyer should be able to get a Home Report directly from the seller.

Will it cost buyers anything to obtain a copy Home Report?

There is not a charge for the Home Report, but the person selling the house may make a reasonable charge to cover costs of copying and postage. If a prospective buyer thinks the charges are not reasonable they may complain to their local authority Trading Standards department, which has responsibility for enforcement of Home Report duties.

What information will I be asked to provide to get a copy of a Home Report?

There is no legal requirement to provide a seller or selling agent with any information in order to view a copy of a Home Report. However, some selling agents may request an email address when viewing a Home Report online. Some selling agents may also request that you book a viewing for the property before they provide a copy but they cannot refuse to provide a copy if you do not agree to a viewing.

Can I get a copy of the Home Report electronically?

Many sellers and agents will make the Home report available electronically. You mayl be asked to confirm that you are willing to receive an electronic copy rather than a paper copy.

Are Home Reports required across Scotland?

Yes. All houses/flats/ marketed for sale in Scotland will require a Home Report, with only a few exceptions.