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About Us
Alexander Fulllarton Fraser,and John Brooks, both Solicitors in the Supreme Courts, founded the original firm before the great war.

We gather that it may have been in existence by 1905. Alexander Fraser had practiced as a Court Solicitor from the late the 19th century.

It is believed that the firm initially had an office at number 63 Frederick Street, but had moved to number 45 by the early 1920s.

Mr Brooks served as an Officer in the 1914-18 War, and returned to practice with Mr Fraser, who died in 1934.

Mr William Affleck Muir, a RAF Officer in the 1939-45 War, joined as a Partner in 1951, and was a very well known Edinburgh Solicitor in his long career, which lasted till 1997. He was one of the founding member of the Edinburgh Solicitors property Centre (ESPC).

He was joined by Mr Gerald Jones in the early 1960s, and he remained here as a Partner, till retiring in 1995.

Kenneth Cameron joined the practice in 1985, becoming Senior Partner in 1995. He re-organised the firm in late 1999 and it is now incorporated as a company, of which he is the Director. Hamish Bruce, his friend from University joined the firm in 2000, as a Partner, then as a Consultant till retirement in March 2016.

Fraser Brooks in its various forms and with its many personalities and thousands of clients has endured and often prospered through and/or despite two World wars, the great Depression, the eras of fin de siecle, Edwardian, the Music Hall, jazz, swing, rock and roll, pop, punk rock; the end of Empire, the Cold War, never had it so good, white heat ,three day weeks, Scottish and Welsh nationalism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Rent control, free collective bargaining, Thatcherism, Monetarism, Cool Britannia, Coalitions, Recessions, boom and bust, buy to let, 120% mortgages, home computers, e-mail, the internet, Facebook, mobile phones, and iPads, twitter, tweet and snapchat: the Abolition of Feudal tenure, Land Registration, e-conveyancing, Company law reform and the Scottish Parliament.